Personal Cinema; Cosmopolitan

In a simple scene like this, its easy for me to be easily swayed away from crossing the street in order to chase these shadows and catch a piece of my past. A scene that we see and forget all in the same moment, but somehow they challenge me catch it, capture it and add it to my ever developing cinema.

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Personal Cinema; Święty Marcin

In my hunting of “moments” this street in Poznan offered me more than my fair share and remained an inspiration for much of my time in the city. At one time, long before I ever set foot onto the pavement of Święty Marcin, this street was the heart of the city. But, for me, it was the heart of my journey.

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Street Spirit

Even though the streets never change, the element that makes them bristle with life does.

This is what keeps me coming back to this never-ending cinema; what keeps me looking for new scenes to unfold on the stage.

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