Waltzing around the Pacific Northwest

Last week, I returned from my visit to Seattle and had a chance to develop a few rolls of film that I shot there and randomly grabbed a few off the top to take in. I still have a mixed bag of rolls to get to, but for now, here is a little preview look at the first series for you to enjoy and I hope you do!

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Snowing in Seattle.

It never even crossed my mind that snow could be a possibility when I packed for my visit last month. I didn’t really bring any kind of clothing for such weather and upon landing in January to temperatures in the 10-13c range (50-55f), it felt like spring weather compared to the chilly Warsaw weather I left behind along with the attire to be comfortable in the cold.

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A Meaningful Homecoming

My last visit was of a nostalgic journey and I pursued the ghosts of my memory to appease my sentimental appetite. This time though, I find myself more in line with needing deeper meaningful connections through friendships and family.

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