Finding nothing.

I thought I would share with you visually what an afternoon looks like when I am out and about searching for “nothing”.

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And you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking…

  Warsaw, Poland Summer 2018 A casual moment as a man makes his way across Most Poniatowskiego on a warm summer evening recently.  I love vignettes of little moments like this and how they stick with me for days after, stewing and waiting for me to give the image some life and share the moment.…

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Learning Curves

May 11th 2013 When we first moved into our apartment in Jezyce, I noticed this contraption in the courtyard and immediately thinkingt how sad it was that the childrens playground area wasn’t finished…or worse, that it was complete, and it terrified the kids with its starkness! The newness of my environment often had me amazed,…

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