Colorful Bounty

For me, spring is something of an interesting time of observation. I can tell that spring has arrived simply by looking up and admiring the potted flowers that seem to mysteriously arrive overnight.

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A Meaningful Homecoming

My last visit was of a nostalgic journey and I pursued the ghosts of my memory to appease my sentimental appetite. This time though, I find myself more in line with needing deeper meaningful connections through friendships and family.

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Basking in the Sun and Eating far too many Pastel de Nata. Travels in Portugal.

As the title suggests, the days spent in Portugal were filled with amazing sunny scenery and after eating the first bite of the custardy delicious Pastel de Nata it became the immediate go-to, must have, eat as many as I can possibly get my hands on treat. And I did.

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