Street Spirit

Even though the streets never change, the element that makes them bristle with life does.

This is what keeps me coming back to this never-ending cinema; what keeps me looking for new scenes to unfold on the stage.

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Personal Cinema; Stampede

It was early afternoon and the streets of Jezyce were very busy with cars, people, peddlers and in this area around the market, especially crazy and vibrant with activity. Luckily the traffic then on Dąbrowskiego was packed and backed up a bit from the ongoing construction to the street, so I could see that the tram was already on its way. I needed to move fast and began picking up the pace and navigating the sidewalk.

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Personal Cinema; Rear View

This was not ever going to see the light of day. When I looked back at this one after shooting one morning heading into work, I just didnt like it. The young man was in an odd spot and it didn’t move me so much, seeming so ordinary, plus I again hated the graffiti in the window and was not wanting to call attention to it.

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