Dinner Theater

I really enjoy the Bar Mleczny and utilitarian experience it provides. Decent, reasonably priced delicious food while serving up a nice slice of history and timeless nostalgic atmosphere at the same time.

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Learning Curves

May 11th 2013 When we first moved into our apartment in Jezyce, I noticed this contraption in the courtyard and immediately thinkingt how sad it was that the childrens playground area wasn’t finished…or worse, that it was complete, and it terrified the kids with its starkness! The newness of my environment often had me amazed,…

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The Story Behind the Image. WSP 5 Book inclusion.

Pretty stoked to have recieved my copy of the WSP5 book with my image included in it. This is one of my favorite images I managed to take over the last year and was a completely incidental moment while racign to cacth the tram. I was super pleased that it was selected earlier this year…

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