ANALOGUE. A day at the beach.

Recently, I received back a roll of T-Max 100 film from a day of shooting on the sunny but chilly beaches of Ustka this last autumn.

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Personal Cinema; Ghostly

I will freely admit that I am deeply inspired of a deep love for Horror, Thriller, Mystery and the Fantastique both in fiction literature and in cinema. From my earliest years I was infatuated with monsters and creatures of the imagination. I would sneak out any chance I could get to catch the Late Night Movie or watch my favorite reporter Karl Kolchak unravel the latest monster mystery that would charge my imagination. I fell in love with writings of Lovecraft , Poe, Matheson, Bradbury, Stoker and from there finding a love for the writing of Stephen King, reading everything that I could get my hands on late into the night with rapt attention to every detail.

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