What’s in the Frame? Inspired by Cinema.

I was lucky to have a father who didn’t discriminate when it came to film and took my brother and me to just about everything showing through the late 70s into the 80s. We saw everything. And I mean everything.

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ANALOGUE. A day at the beach.

Recently, I received back a roll of T-Max 100 film from a day of shooting on the sunny but chilly beaches of Ustka this last autumn.

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Personal Cinema; Ghostly

I will freely admit that I am deeply inspired of a deep love for Horror, Thriller, Mystery and the Fantastique both in fiction literature and in cinema. From my earliest years I was infatuated with monsters and creatures of the imagination. I would sneak out any chance I could get to catch the Late Night Movie or watch my favorite reporter Karl Kolchak unravel the latest monster mystery that would charge my imagination. I fell in love with writings of Lovecraft , Poe, Matheson, Bradbury, Stoker and from there finding a love for the writing of Stephen King, reading everything that I could get my hands on late into the night with rapt attention to every detail.

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