How Street Photography helped me connect to living in Poland.

Of all of the things that photography has taught me, it is how to cope and connect to my surroundings in my life abroad. Through street photography, I have been better able to understand and grow into my life in Poland and connect to it in ways that I had not really considered I could, allowing me to be surprised by how it has unfolded.

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Waltzing around the Pacific Northwest

Last week, I returned from my visit to Seattle and had a chance to develop a few rolls of film that I shot there and randomly grabbed a few off the top to take in. I still have a mixed bag of rolls to get to, but for now, here is a little preview look at the first series for you to enjoy and I hope you do!

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October 24th, 2013 Fog is something I feel like I have never been properly introduced to until I moved to Poland. Here the fog is thick, luscious and atmospheric, often feeling like a Hammer Horror movie set and half expecting a Vampire to emerge. But no, it’s just a big velvety blanket of nostalgic goodness…

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