ROLLEI RPX 400 Speaks my Language!

I tend to love hearty contrast (I am certain my love for contrast comes from comic book artists like Jack Kirby and his dynamic way of drawing), heavy shadows filled with grain and have been looking for these qualities in the films I have been shooting recently. Every one of the films I have shot over the last few months have all had great qualities to them, but I still felt like I was needing somethign more. In the RPX, I think i have found it.

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ANALOGUE: Fomopan 400 Action

Last week, during one of the snow storms we had I took the FM2 out loaded with the Fomopan for a quick walk around the city and later into Łazienki Park.

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ANALOG Workshop in Lisbon

Agnieszka surprised me with an Analog Worksop where we not only learn a bit about how to shoot and settings, etc, but that we would actually develop the roll of film that day and leave with the negatives!

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