Monochrome 365

On September 1st of 2017 I decided that I would embark on another 365 challenge, this time in Monochrome. The idea is that each day, for a year, I will post an image in Black and White without boundaries as to what the subject is.

I wrote a small piece in the early stages of this project and you can read it here.

Here are just a few favorites and you can view the entire project here Monochrome 365.

282 365 Wind 282 365-small1 Boy-runs-Lublin-Fugifulm-Mono-1-365-small6-365-Black-Cat-small8 365 Stampeed 8 365 stampeed-of-feet-tram-mono-small28 365Time life-passing-by-small42 365 Car Wash 42 365 steam-window-III-small46 365 A certain confidence 46 365-small57 365 Vespertilian 57 365-small66 365 Cynosure 66 365-small72 365 Intersection 72 365-small120-365-Fractured 120 365-small122-365-New-Years-Eve Showdown-122-365-small140 365 looking-north-140 365 small165 365 stairs 165 365-small171 365 In Transit 171 365-small191 365 XXANAXX 191 365-small213 365 Self Doubt 213 365-small229-365-Status-Quo-229-365-small250 365 Isolated 250 365-small258-365-Scale-258-365-smalljpg268-365-Me-and-My-Shadow-268-365-small

Thankk you for watching and I hoep that you have enjoyed the wok presented here. If you are planning your own 365 or have questiosn about, feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment here. I read them all and respond in kind. Cheers!