Personal Cinema; Święty Marcin

In my hunting of “moments” this street in Poznan offered me more than my fair share and remained an inspiration for much of my time in the city. At one time, long before I ever set foot onto the pavement of Święty Marcin, this street was the heart of the city. But, for me, it was the heart of my journey.

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Street Spirit

Even though the streets never change, the element that makes them bristle with life does.

This is what keeps me coming back to this never-ending cinema; what keeps me looking for new scenes to unfold on the stage.

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7 Tips on Dealing with Fear in Street Photography

What advice would you give someone who’s trying to get into street photography but is kind of intimidated by all those people who look at them when they shoot?

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The space between

Warsaw, Poland Ochota District Summer 2018 Sometimes, little flashes of memory happen to me while I am on the tram. Deja-vu perhaps. Scenes from a youthful time riding the bus to or from school and as I look out the window at my current reality, the charms of youth come back and haunt me in…

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