ROLLEI RPX 400 Speaks my Language!

I tend to love hearty contrast (I am certain my love for contrast comes from comic book artists like Jack Kirby and his dynamic way of drawing), heavy shadows filled with grain and have been looking for these qualities in the films I have been shooting recently. Every one of the films I have shot over the last few months have all had great qualities to them, but I still felt like I was needing somethign more. In the RPX, I think i have found it.

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How Street Photography helped me connect to living in Poland.

Of all of the things that photography has taught me, it is how to cope and connect to my surroundings in my life abroad. Through street photography, I have been better able to understand and grow into my life in Poland and connect to it in ways that I had not really considered I could, allowing me to be surprised by how it has unfolded.

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In Session: Yuliia Yasnietsova

I feel very fortunate as a photographer to grow in the direction that my work and camera continues to take me. Over the last few years I have been building up my portrait sessions and dedicating more of my time to discovering my “style” and appraoch when working with people.

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