ANALOG; Warsaw to Tbilisi with Lomo 400

From Warsaw to Georgia with a Olympus LT-1 compact and a roll of Lomography 400.

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ANALOG; Olympus LT-1 and Lomography 100

Last month, in anticipation for the trip to Georgia, I picked up a Olympus LT-1 to have as an additional camera. I wanted something that would be easy to have in my pocket and just to take simple snaps of whatever was going on around me. The Olympus fits that need perfectly. I tested the…

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ANALOG; Lomography 400

I have lots of new films to share with you and plan to get to them soon, but one that I shot recently was a bit different from the BNW films I have been shooting. This time I used Lomography 400. After seeing images of the film online and falling for the colors the film…

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