How Street Photography helped me connect to living in Poland.

Of all of the things that photography has taught me, it is how to cope and connect to my surroundings in my life abroad. Through street photography, I have been better able to understand and grow into my life in Poland and connect to it in ways that I had not really considered I could, allowing me to be surprised by how it has unfolded.

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Dilemma in Lisbon

Currently I am in Portugal enjoying a whirlwind vacation of all kinds of beautiful laces and activities. But this is not a post about that …yet. Soon, I will give you all kinds of fun thoughts and images from this beautiful country and I still have a week to explore. Earlier this week, I had…

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The space between

Warsaw, Poland Ochota District Summer 2018 Sometimes, little flashes of memory happen to me while I am on the tram. Deja-vu perhaps. Scenes from a youthful time riding the bus to or from school and as I look out the window at my current reality, the charms of youth come back and haunt me in…

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