me-in-color-cropped-smallI am a Seattle photographer based in Warsaw. What distinguishes me is the ability to observe people and find unexpected moments that might seem ordinary at first but deserve a second, deeper look. My work has been featured in magazines, books and exhibits as well as extensive online sources. Recently, my photo-book “Okiem przybysza” won Third Place in Poland’s National Review of Books, in the category of books on Tourism. When I am not busy shooting life’s details or chasing down a tasty pizza, you can find me hanging out with my fiancée Agnieszka and our two cats, Louis and Luna.

I have prepared a small PDF presentation overview of some of my work as a photographer.  Enjoy!

Erik Witsoe

I am proud to be using Canon Gear supplied by my amazing partners at Digital24. Stop by and tell them Erik sent you! You can also read a little about the Canon EOS 6D II that Digital24 has so generously provided (rocking a “L” series 50mm 1.2…..and I am floored by how good it is).


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    1. Thank you! I do tend to like that persepective and do it quite often, but I do need to share more of it. I really appreciate that and thanks for reminding to do so. 🙂

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