Rynek Jeżycki

Fresh produce, beautiful flowers and interesting people…this market has it all and was an important part of my daily life in Poznan. Every day, I walked through the market on my way to work and again after work, sometimes stopping for some produce or flowers or maybe even a few snaps before going home. But I frequented it enough that I became known as “Pan Fotograf” to the vendors who recognized me because I always had my Nikon strapped on.

I loved the people and characters who frequented the Rynek and I could spend hours watching them as they haggled, checked prices and freshness, complained about this or that and sometimes sampled the fruit thinking they were unseen doing so. I loved the start of spring and the arrival of so much tasty color and every month from April through summer brought another bounty of deliciousness. And the irresistible flowers…such beautiful bouquets and aromas that begged to be brought home and enjoyed.

It’s funny that this place out of all the places in Poznan made such a deep mark on me that makes me miss it very much and when I get the chance to get back to Poznan, this is one of my favorite places to stop and spend a few minutes and enjoy the nostalgia. It’s been awhile since I have been back but the last time I was greeted with the familiar “Panie fotografie, gdzie pan był?” (Mr. Photographer, where have you been?). It will be interesting to see what changes have taken place on my next trip.

These shots were mostly taken on a beautiful summer day in 2017.