Analog. Horizont KMZ and Kodak Ultramax 400

Last year, I picked up a Horizont KMZ Panoramic camera and it quickly became a favorite to use but unfortunately that camera was dropped last summer and in need of repairs. I have been looking for someone who can work on the camera but often the parts to repair it are not available. This camera also displayed light leaks to the left and right of the frames telling me that the seals were needing to be replaced as well. Plan B was to find a new one and just a few weeks ago one appeared on Allego and I promptly pulled the trigger and bought it. Once I received the camera and a general cosmetic glance passed the true test would be to shoot with it. The fun and best part!

Loading up with Kodak Ultramax I set out on a beautiful spring day to explore Warsaw a few weeks back and put some greatly appreciated kilometers on my converse. Shooting with this camera is pure fun and its odd looking, heavy body always draws stares and questions from people when I take it out. I missed this exchange over the past weeks, and it felt good to be in the sun looking at life through the lens again.

The resulting images are exactly how I hoped they would be. I wrote about this camera last year and you can revisit it here.

Enjoy and thanks for watching.