Strange Days.

Monday, March 16.
8:45am to 11:50 am

This is what the city of Warsaw looks like during lockdown. Taking precaution this morning, I decided to walk to the Stare Miasto and back from Ochota (about 11 km rondtrip). During the walk I observed a city normally bustling and crowded with activity of all types empty of it. As unusual as it is, I am proud that people are taking the Covid 19 virus seriously and taking steps to prevent it from spreading. I am also impressed by the amount of PSA that is posted and aired frequently.

Stores that are open are practicing limiting people coming in and have signs displaying how many can be inside at the same time. It varies, but in the Apteka (pharmecy) it is 1-2 people and in grocery stores its under 10 depending on the store and people are respecting the required meter distance between each other…which is very unusual for Polish folk. Restaurants and coffee shops are either closed or for take away only while some have outdoor eating arrangements ready to use…with a good distance between tables I might add. Schools are closed and there are no children anywhere to be seen out on ths streets. Trains are shutdown. Airports are closed. Borders are closed.

I wanted to be able to capture this unusual and historic moment and so with my own safety in mind I did so by walking instead of public transport, keeping distance and not touching anything other than my camera….I didnt even speak to one person, which for me is very unusual. Its hard to convey the sense of eerieness that today brought to mind but I hope that these images convey some of it.

Agnieszka and our cats are all safe at home. We have supplies, are in regular contact with family and friends. To be honest, our cats are happier than they have ever been with all of the attention they are getting. Stay safe everyone.

Thank you for watching.