Arbitrary Rendezvous in 2019

2019 was an interesting year for me. It was a year of reconciliation and at the same time lots of personal growth. It was a year when I learned to lean on others and ask for help as well as rekindle relationships that had fallen to the side. There were new friends that came into my life and some difficult goodbyes that I wasn’t prepared to make. The year was remarkable in that it felt like the culmination of the previous nine being closed on a good note ushering in the next decade with promise.

Picking images while keeping them a bit limited is difficult for me since I love just about every shot I took and each carries with it a memory that I cherish somehow. But, here is a small compilation of fun, interesting and honest vignettes that span from the streets of Warsaw where I live to travels in Seattle, Georgia, Sicily, Poznan, Lublin and Wlodawa and a variety of cameras, both digital and analog, slung over my shoulder or in a bag.

And really, as with most of my recent years, its a celebration of randomness and how the day never ends quite like I thought it might anyway. As I look to the year ahead and wonder what arbitrary encounters might fill it, I look back on this last one with fulfillment and appreciation for being in the exact spots I needed to be when I needed to be.

Cheers to much more of that.