The Art of Our Surroundings

Simplicity and simple situations that makes me stop and look again often make up my own versions of art. Innocent moments that meant something to me without really thinking about what that meaning is, but having captured it, eases my mind a little with the knowledge that its beauty didn’t go unnoticed and will be appreciated a little while longer.

Shadows that lean towards me and slowly move past the person casting them forgotten. Reflections that offer a glimpse into another part of time and memory. Smoke that swirls from someplace unseen and laces the ground that we stand on. Solitary figures that become dynamic silhouetted superheroes caught in the middle an empty street or park. The person caught in a daydream or a memory, silently watching from a window the reverie of the moment stilled. A light on, and wondering who might be home while the sun sets in a purple hue. A leaf, having escaped, only to be stuck for a time in an iron jail. A casual crossing of the street leaving me to wonder what the hurry is about.

There are so many pieces and fleeting moments that make up my version of “The Art of Our Surroundings” that it seems endless in its task and a surprise waits with every walk around the city. What makes up your “Art of our Surroundings”?