Tram Stories; Windows

This time, the tram story is about windows, looking in or looking out, they offer a glimpse into life that is sometimes easy to miss. Everyday moments of staring out the window, preoccupied, daydreaming or just being lost in thought while passing time for the appropriate stop to arrive.

These windows intrique me and often catch my eye as a reflection or steamed up and foggy or as a character in my own cinematic world. Sometimes, I catch a moment while looking through the window as the intrique is suddenly on the other side of the glass or as another tram passes at just the right moment giving me a second to stop time.

However it unfolds, my eyes constantly wander and I catch myself thinking about the people that are with me on the tram for a short time only to see them depart for a destination of their own. For the tiniest part of the day we share a little camaraderie of being on the road, partners in travel even if for a few minutes and depart with a mutual experience and a common goal achieved, strangers no more.

Enjoy the ride. I do.