A little luck and good fortune goes a long ways.

Earlier in August, my Nikon FM2 broke…again. Same issue as last time, the rewind stem came undone. Luckily (again) it happened just after I rewound the film, so some very good fortune there. Riding with luck on my side, I found a repairman dedicated to cameras in a way I had not witnessed before and he took it upon himself to find the right part. Again with a bit of the lucky streak I am on, he managed to secure the very last part in Poland and promptly fixed her right up! Back in busineess.

This was the first roll shot after getting it back and the first time using Kodak Pro 100. Very pleased with the results and stepped it down a bit with this roll to drag those contrasts to where I like them. Findng the right roll of color film to suit my needs has been fun, but with this roll I feel like it will be one I come back to more often than others. That just means I have to shoot another one to see…oh no. Although I still have a Cinestill 800 to try…. 🙂

Enjoy an afternoon walk through Warszawa!