My growing obsession into film continues.

Last year on my birthday while vacationing in Lisbon, Agnieszka surpised me with an analog workshop and it set into motion a renewal of energy in photography and a love affair with film. Sometimes I am surpised with how much that single day impacted me and the direction it has taken me in, but life is all about twists and turns and this was one that I raced right into.

Today, a year later, you can find me slinging a few different cameras that I have picked up since that workshop. One of my recent finds I picked up over the summer is one that I have coveted for quite awhile. The Nikon L35 AF compact. After losing several auctions, I managed to find it listed complete with orignal case, cleaning case and several enchancement lenses. I had not seen this before and neither had I seen it at the price it was offered (cheap compared to every other one I had seen)….”buy it now option” and one swift key stoke…it was mine. Thank you seller and thank you Allegro.

I wanted this Nikon because of the lens and image quality it produces..and of course, for fun! The small size is also very appealing which makes it easy to tote around in a jacket pocket or in my bag and its not too heavy to notice. It is a little noisy while advancing and the flash likes to pop up when the camera “decides” its too dark, but other than that its a nifty little gem and easy to use and I look forward to burning a lot of film with in the years ahead.

One of the guys where I develope suggested that I scan my own…and so over the summer I also picked up an Epson V550 scanner which helps reduce some of the costs I had and have a bit more control on the outcome of the images. Its time consuming but I enjoy the process and its very much worth the effort. I haven’t started to develope my own film..yet….. I imagine that isnt too far behind….stay tuned.

Here are some recent random images that I shot with the Nikon L35AF using Kodak film.


Kodak Ektar 100, Warszawa

Kodak Color Plus 200, Warszawa