Auschwitz-Birkenau. My shadow has grown a bit darker.

A thousand feelings and memories came to my mind at the entrance of the Auschwitz memorial and museum. A lifetime of books, films, articles and conversations referencing the holocaust and the atrocities that were carried out, but not one single thing or any of my life experiences could prepare me for the horror and tangible feel of being at the site and how it would ultimately change my perception once leaving.

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A little luck and good fortune goes a long ways.

Earlier in August, my Nikon FM2 broke…again. Same issue as last time, the rewind stem came undone. Luckily (again) it happened just after I rewound the film, so some very good fortune there. Riding with luck on my side, I found a repairman dedicated to cameras in a way I had not witnessed before and…

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My growing obsession into film continues.

Last year on my birthday while vacationing in Lisbon, Agnieszka surpised me with an analog workshop and it set into motion a renewal of energy in photography and a love affair with film. Sometimes I am surpised with how much that single day impacted me and the direction it has taken me in, but life…

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