Whatever catches your eye.

Get outside. It’s all about getting out and walking. That’s the first thing. The second thing is, forget everything you’ve learned on the subject of photography for the moment, and just shoot. Take photographs—of anything and everything, whatever catches your eye. Don’t pause to think. That’s the advice I give people… ” ~ Daido Moriyama

This morning, I came across this short article about one of my favorite photographers, Daido Moriyama, and some of the wisdom that he uses for his everyday approach to snapshots and street photography.

His words resonate with me as it is often an approach I use to discover the world around me, sometimes with an unconscious mind, letting the day take me to where it leads and finding things that appeal to me along the way. I have grown into this way of thinking over the years, letting my curiosity guide me, creating memories of passing moments and being at ease with how they unfold. If fact, anymore I seldom chase anything, letting the moments arrive unannounced and intact with revelation.

He also stated ” …[O]ut on the city streets, everything you encounter is alien and unknown. That’s what taking snapshot photographs of the city streets is: you’re capturing the alien and unknown…. ” which appeals to my life abroad and the sense of everything around me being foreign, a life known left behind to explore these parts unknown and the allure of discovering so much beauty in everyday moments.

Here are some recent moments from the streets of Watrszawa. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.