An American in Warsaw

My dear friend Greg visited me here in Warsaw (first time in Poland) for an entire week and as he discovered all there is to offer in the city, I followed closely along and shot accordingly. Lots of shenanigans ensued along the many kilomenters crossed.

Almost 20 years have passed since I first met him back when we both lived in Southern California and the last time I saw him before Warsaw was in Seattle when I left for Poland nearly 8 years ago. Greeting him at the airport was as if not a second had passed since our last goodbye.

With a sense of humor and lots of laughs along the way, we navigated the streets, pushed through the humid heat, drank far too much coffee, ate at a bar mleczny, devoured some kiełbasa and washed it down with a few pints (beer for him and sparkling water for me). He even got to meet all of my girlfriend Agnieszka’s family for a surprise birthday party we threw for her on his last night (massive success and schock!).

All in all, we covered a lot of Warsaw leaving him with a beautiful impression and the ability to tell his friends back home that it is not cold. Yes, they asked.

Later, bittersweet goodbyes, but he adored Warsaw and I know he will be back. I miss him already. Already looking forward to the next visit……

As a side note: anyone that would like to visit me can expect the same treatment. 🙂