Random Warsaw with Sigma ART 35mm 1.4f

Every since I had the opportunity to use and test the Sigma ART series a few years back, my heart has been aching to have one of my own. Two weeks ago I made the jump from want to have and purchased the beautiful 35mm 1.4f to accompany me on my daily excursions with my Nikon D750.

There is something really beautiful about how the Sigma glass works and handles color, deepens blacks while maintaining a softenss and is sharp as a razor that makes it very worthy of the price. I love the way it adds depth to my images and gives a different kind of edge to them and at 1.4f it handles low light situations extremely well. The lens itself is rather big and weighty, but I like how it feels in my hands and the weight gives me a little bit to balance with, but it is heavy around the neck and is hard to miss. Nothing subtle about the ART series glass.

Its been a lot of fun getting to know this lens and how it operates for me over the last few weeks. The 35mm has been my favorite lens to use on a day to day basis and I used the DX (cropped) on my Nikon D80 for years, seldom feeling the need to switch it. Picking up another 35mm lens was an easy decision for me as the frame works for an abundance of styles that I tend to enjoy shooting. Portraits, food, commercial to travel and street and the urban environment, the 35mm gives me a very nice versitility that is favorable with my approach and a welcome additon to my kit.

Here are some random “test” shots I have taken over the last week while testing it out and getting used to how it handles. Of course, much more to come.