ANALOG; Warsaw to Tbilisi with Lomo 400

In my last post I wrote about acquiring a Olympus LT-1 compact camera and loving the feel of making simple snapshots again with it. I have a fondness for the way it easily captures the moment but how it also has a nostalgia factor that pleases me greatly. Sometimes it feels like I captured stills from the 90s….oh what a time that was!

This roll of Lomo 400 started in Warsaw and traveled with me on a recent journey to the Georgian city, Tbilisi and a little further. Packing the camera into my pocket proved very useful for this trip and added to what I was already shooting with my DSLR, often stopping to capture a similar frame with it just have the film version.

One of the cool things about this camera and that I like very much is that it isnt very invasive. I can get close without drawing attention too much since the camera is so small. With my DSLR everything looks and feels professional and can make people a little nervous or suspicious, but with the Olympus it doesnt really look like anything too serious at all since its the size of a very fat mobile and in my hands it looks even smaller. And people like to pose for it because of that. In some of these images you can see the effect.

Besides, this little camera has brought me a lot of joy when I use it and that is proabably the most important factor.

Enjoy the show! Thanks for watching.