ANALOG; Olympus LT-1 and Lomography 100

Last month, in anticipation for the trip to Georgia, I picked up a Olympus LT-1 to have as an additional camera. I wanted something that would be easy to have in my pocket and just to take simple snaps of whatever was going on around me. The Olympus fits that need perfectly.

I tested the camera out with a roll of Lomo 100 before we left to Georgia and the results were pretty cool, making images that are exactly how I pictured them to be. Simple snaps with a very nostalgic feel to them. I forgot to take the time/date stamp off, but it adds to the feel and reminds me of every roll I had developed in the 90s. I have been looking for something that would connect me to how I shot in the distant past and this suits that purpose very well.

I really enjoy using this camera and the nifty leather case closure is easy to remove making shooting pretty seamless. You can click on the link above to see the actual camera. The flash is automatic on each time you turn the power up the camera, so some due dilligence needs to be there to remember to turn it off if you dont want it to fire. Other than that, very straight forward, simple and fun to use.

Using this type of small pocket camera is kind of funny now. People have no idea what it is and pay no real attention to it since it is so small and looks like a boxy old phone of some sort. I toted this around throughout Georgia and will have some images to share from the trip soon.

I chose Lomo 100 for it this time becasue I like the tones the film has given me before. I am curious to see how BNW film will look and the next roll I shoot will be that.

There are from Warsaw and Easter in Wlodawa (which I just posted about using the Horizont). Enjoy!