Włodawa; Horizont Panoramic and Rollei RPX 100

The city of Włodawa holds a special place in my heart as it is where Agnieszka grew up and her still parents live. This little town has become my home away from home and is the place where I feel most comfortable, at peace and welcomed in my life abroad. I have spent every holiday here for almost the last 10 years, from Christmas (aside from the last one we hosted here in Warsaw), All Saints Day and Easter when this series was taken last month plus the sometimes visit during the summer. Our trip used to be around 11 hours from Poznan but now that we live in Warsaw it is an easy 4-hour commute which means more often!

I cannot tell you how much I look forward to coming here each time the occasion arises. I know that I will be stuffed full by my surrogate mother who dotes on me endlessly making sure that I am getting enough food…every hour on the hour. Agnieszka’s parents are in the flower business and they work endlessly through much of the year cultivating thousands of flowers to sell at the local market all by themselves. It humbles me to see how hard they work and all without a single complaint.

I often walk down by the Bug river (the last images shows it) and just on the other side of the it is Belarus. One can literally throw a rock into a another country from here….not that I have.

Not much changes in the town and maybe that’s what I love the most about it. Coming here is a marvel to me and the simple way of life gives me a freedom that I seldom have on my own. Above all, I feel so loved here that its easy to just sit and soak it up for the stay. I feel lucky to have this experience and appreciate it deeply.

Shot over Easter weekend and a lovely little walk through the city while going to service with Mom. I dig this funky camera and adore the flaws that come out on film somehow making it seem like I was back in 1970 taking the pictures.

And some from Warsawa just before the trip east.

Thank you for watching and I hope that you enjoy the images. I am a little behind with my film sharing but will make certain that I get caught up soon. Cheers!