ANALOG; Ilford PAN 100

This week in my new analog life, I have some fresh images from a roll of ILFORD PAN 100 (The Pan stands for panchromatic) that I shot a few weeks back. In it are some of my usual subjects, reflections, PKiN (Palace of Culture and Science) and street scenes and life moments that caught my eye. I even managed to catch a few shots from the Youth Climate Strike demonstration that took place Globally on March 15th since the trams were stopped and it made a great opportunity to watch.  

For the last part of the roll, I spent the afternoon with my friend Radosław Budnicki on a small photo walk that he filmed for his Vlog “Lepiej Teraz” (you can find the video at the link) and managed to catch him in a reflection while he was shooting me (see if you can spot it)! For much of our walk, we stayed in the Stare Miasto area exploring, chatting and shooting while Radek told me some cool pieces of history from the area.

Ilford has not disappointed me yet and this film is another one that allows a great bit of contrast to soak into it which I really appreciate, and the soft grain and sharpness stand out adding to the beautiful feel of this film. I particularly like the light driven scenes and how the contrast really shines giving deep blacks to the shadows and nice bright whites (some halation). Nothing too surprising here really. I am curious to try this film for portraits soon and see how it would develop there.

I have passed the point of no return I am afraid and have really crossed into the analog world. So much so, that I loaded up our Mamiya 645 with some expired Kodak Ektachrome to test and recently purchased a small Olympus AF-10 Super compact to use on occasion and some upcoming trips. Still waiting for that one to arrive and then test it, but the Mamiya is rearing to get out and shoot so I think I am going to have to answer that call.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the images. Cheers!