Colorful Bounty

As winter is coming to an end, the whole of Poland echoes a sigh of relief knowing that warmer weather is soon to arrive. Spring, the season that breathes life into everything once again, warming the air and shaking the sleep from the long slumber of the cold and dark months before it. The season that carries the scent of flowers in the air, the buzz of bees and the arrival of the Storks fresh from migrating back to Poland after wintering in the warm African climate. Spring brings the influx of constant weather changes with it. Turbulent storms that gather quickly and dissipate just as fast as they pass through the day producing marvelous afternoon showers that fill the streets and feed the burgeoning greenery.

For me, spring is something of an interesting time of observation. I can tell that spring has arrived simply by looking up and admiring the potted flowers that seem to mysteriously arrive overnight. Decks and window sills teem with color and sometimes a sort of argument begins to ensue among neighbors as they try their hardest to out flower the next balcony. The dull grey of winter is completely shaken off by the bounty of color that seems to override the senses and catapult the season into full swing. There is no time wasted during this time as everyone gets busy appreciating the arrival of spring.

In the markets around town I truly appreciate the arrival of new seasonal fruits and vegetables that the floodgate of spring has to offer. Especially during this season is the arrival of strawberries with a flavor that reminds me of childhood foraging in the forest. Tart, sweet, delicious we buy them in bagful’s and freely enjoy the gluttony knowing that soon they will be gone. Flowers fill every corner of the markets, spilling color with a vibrancy that encompasses the rainbow and filling the air with a harmony of fragrances. Inevitably putting smiles on the faces of just about all who pass. Spring begins the crusade of happiness as people have put yet another winter behind them and some time will pass before its arrival yet again.

And of course, let us not forget ice cream. This is truly a marvel of appreciation as citizens flock to their favorite parlor sometimes waiting in line for longer than it takes to finish a cone. Along just about every street you can begin to see people of all ages enjoying a cone of seasonal flavors. Myself included as I too wander to every ice cream dealer to get a taste. With this luxury, spring has truly arrived.

Spring is just around the corner. It won’t be long now.