ANALOG: Ilford HP5 Plus 400

Recent walk around Warsaw with Ilford Hp5. Another favorite and solid performer with sharpness and medium contrast being key elements and since I like to under expose in harsh light, it handles that very well.

In the first few images, I manged to catch the late afternoon light that is one of my favorites to chase while catching the long shadows. I wasn’t exactly sure how these shots might work, but I am very pleased with the outcome and the film proved that it could handle it perfectly. The rest are from the next day wandering into Praga, enjoying the local artmospher and then back to the city center in and around Hala Mirowska.

Spring is coming, more sun will follow and I can see the Ilford HP5 as a very good companion during the brighter days ahead.

I hope that you enjoy them. Next up is the Ilford FP4 Plus 125.

Have a great weekend!