ANALOG: FujiFilm Superia X-Tra 400

Earlier last Autumn, I decided to follow up on the fantastic analog workshop I attended in Lisbon and continue into the analog world on my own accord. The colors that emerge during the autumn season here in Poland are simply stunning making it my favorite season to photograph and I try to grab as much of that golden atmosphere as possible. At the time I had two rolls of film to decide on, one black and white and one color. I had not yet worked in color film on the FM2, but it seemed the logical place to start with since all the brilliant color showing around me was popping and vibrant.

As the title suggests, the roll of film I spent was FujiFilm Superia X-Tra 400 which I had not shot with since several disposable cameras in the early 2000’s! So….I was pretty excited to see what would come of it once it was developed.  And these are the results….mostly. I tended to shoot several frames of the same subject while still in my DSLR frame of mind and thinking in megapixels instead of film and I eliminated the duplicates.  

I am not sure why I never shared these, but maybe it’s a nice time to see a bit of color since winter is still present. I certainly appreciate the color right now!

I hope that you enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by.