ROLLEI RPX 400 Speaks my Language!

There are so many black and white mid-speed films to choose from that it can be frustrating finding one that speaks to me in a way that is close to the heart. With the Rollei RPX I think I found one that speaks to me in the right amount of contrast and grain while maintaining and lending classic look and feel to my images.

I tend to love hearty contrast (I am certain my love for contrast comes from comic book artists like Jack Kirby and his dynamic way of drawing), heavy shadows filled with grain and have been looking for these qualities in the films I have been shooting recently. Every one of the films I have shot over the last few months have all had great qualities to them, but I still felt like I was needing something more. In the RPX, I think i have found it.

Inspired by the sun earlier this week, I set out into the city to shoot this roll of film and see what would come of it. I even met a fellow shooter Albert along the way and we had a nice chat in-between shots. He was out walking his Sony and his dog when he caught me snapping this pic. You can see his work on instagram here: Albert Justin Kaas

Plenty of reflections in this roll too as I found a few puddles that seemed worthy of a good second glance and deeper inspection. I even toyed with motion this time, which is something I have been meaning to do to see how it would work. The result is very pleasing and I can see a day coming up devoted to and exploring more of this style.

Here are the shots from this roll. I hope that you enjoy them and if you shoot with RPX, I would love to hear what you think. (I am also happy to hear any film recs that you might have!).

Cheers! Thanks for stopping by!