KODAK Ektar 100

I am still going through some of the rolls I just got back from my Seattle trip and will post them once I figure out which film was what and when I get over having lost a roll of film (expired FujiFilm slide that was too far gone) and another one that malfunctioned leaving me with 11 out of 36 shots. In total, I lost 61 images that were mostly portraits and family pictures. Super bummed but, hey that’s the gamble sometimes. Moving on….

However…here is a recent roll of Kodak Ektar 100 that I recieved back last night from Czarno-Biale here in Warsaw.

The first image is from Seattle while I visited Din Tai Fung in Pacific Place with some friends for a catch up conversation and great food. This is the only shot that came out (kind of) and I like the moody feel of the chefs preparing delicious dumplings in an open spot just as you enter the restaurant. I took a few more, but severe underexposure makes them impossible to view (sorry Rocky!).

A series of walks through Warsaw over the last few weeks take up the remainder of the images. While in Seattle, I realized how much I missed my daily life here and for the last few weeks, I have been really relishing the truth of this. Recently, I have been enjoying a leisurely pace with shooting, going for long walks without too much intent or purpose or goal in mind, just aimless wandering as I soak in and reconnect to Warsaw. Returning from Seattle, I am hyper aware of how much Warsaw is changing and find it fascinating to see unfold with the new buildings springing up and more on the horizon soon to come and have been looking up from the street a bit more in an attempt to capture some if it.

I picked this Kodak Ektar 100 up and a few others at The Shot On Film store in north Seattle between snowstorms. This is a really great store filled with tons of interesting and hard-to-find cameras to drool over and plenty of film with good prices to choose from. I could have spent the rest of the day there and it would be easy to say that if I lived in Seattle, they might get sick of seeing me. I will just have to admire from afar and browse the online store from time to time.

Enjoy the Kodak moments and thanks for stopping by.