Waltzing around the Pacific Northwest

Last week, I returned from my visit to Seattle and had a chance to develop a few rolls of film that I shot there and randomly grabbed a few off the top to take in. I still have a mixed bag of rolls to get to, but for now, here is a little preview look at the first series for you to enjoy and I hope you do!

I am still waiting to get the negatives back to tell me which rolls these are but from memory, I think this is Ilford HP5, Rollie Retro 400s and Superpan 200…but I might be wrong. Eventually, I will have another post with all of the images from the trip with the appropriate naming of which film is which. All in all, most came out pretty good and well exposed, but in my excitement to shoot a few times, I did poorly at adjusting my speed and f-stop and had some very dark frames. I actually appreciate the fact that I made this mistake and can see the results so I can be a bit more diligent and thoughtful in how I shoot in the future.

The shots I included cover some of the downtown area including Pike Place Market and the world famous Pike Place Fish Market, Sunset on the last day of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, Sunrise in Port Townsend, a ferry ride to Southworth and a couple waltzing at the Swedish House where I had my fill of Swedish pancakes with my brother and sister in law and my two adorable nephews. Great times all of them and it pleases me, even more, to be getting these memories back on film!

I have written several posts filled with images about shooting in Seattle which you can read “A Meaningful Homecoming” and “Snowing in Seattle” if you have not already. For the film work, I am using a Nikon FM2 and a 24mm lens which I am finding to be a perfect size frame to work in.

Above anything else, I really enjoyed shooting film on my travels and found it be a very new and interesting way to see the city I was born in and I am excited to see the next rolls and what they have to offer!

Cheers and thanks for stopping by!