ANALOGUE: Fomopan 400 Action

I was recently recommend to try out this film by the guys at Czarne Białe camera store and developer here in Warsaw. I told them I wanted something with good contrast and lots of grain….and it delivered!

Last week, during one of the snow storms we had I took the FM2 out loaded with the Fomopan for a quick walk around the city and later into Łazienki Park for something different from the street. Mostly for this roll, I shot at 5.6f and 125 or 250 speed.

All in all, I am really pleased with the feel and tone that this film has, especially the grain that really makes it pop. I am still learning which film works for me and so far, this film really does the trick. So much so, that I picked up a few rolls for my trip home to Seattle tomorrow. I am excited to get home, but I am really excited to burn some film on the city streets and see what comes of it. You can look forward to that post sometime in February or March once I am back and get them developed.

I will try to post an update while I am in Seattle and if you have some favorite locations in the city you think I should visit, please comment them!

For now…enjoy the images! And thank you for stopping in and having a look. Cheers!