ANALOGUE Kodak Gold 200

Loving the grain with this roll! I wasn’t sure what to expect for the Kodak Gold, but I am very pleased with the outcome…especially on the bright sunny days. The first part of the roll I shot after finishing a roll of T-Max 100 is on the Baltic Sea in a little city called Ustka. You can see the monochrome images here. The second part was on the streets of Warsaw during the last weeks of Autumn. Oh, and that is Louis the Cat. He is always close by and loves to have his picture taken. His sister, Luna, is a little bit camera shy and watches from a distance. Next time I will get one of her.

I am still looking for a film that appeals to me with color using the Nikon FM2 and have a few more to try over the next few months. I am very eager to give the Cinestill 800 a go and see how it works with all of the neon lights around the city. And for Christmas, Agnieszka gave me a bunch of expired medium format Kodak Ektachrome 64 that I will be using with a few Mamiyas we have and never put to use…yet. I must say though, that I am itching to give them a workout.

For now, the Nikon FM2 is very satisfying and has given me the confidence to explore more film. I can easily say that I am hooked!

If you have film recommendations…leave a comment!

Enjoy the series and thank you for watching.

24mm Lens
Kodak Gold 200

Edit: I made an error on the origial pst as it being Kodak Gold 400 when in fact it was Gold 200. I have the 400 Ultra as my next roll. Sorry about that!