ANALOGUE. A day at the beach.

Recently, I received back a roll of T-Max 100 film from a day of shooting on the sunny but chilly beaches of Ustka this last autumn. I am still getting the grasp of shooting with film and was pretty pleased to see that all of the images came back pretty well exposed and framed aside from one that was so underexposed nothing registered. The entire process of waiting for the film to return to me is something that deeply resonates right now and in this “instant” age I find it to be very rewarding.

After shooting digital for so long and adapting to the allowance of “overshooting” I am really enjoying the sense of purpose that comes with film and how it makes me hesitate before releasing the shutter and to be perfectly honest, I find myself looking at the back of the camera to catch a glimpse of the image I just took. A day at the beach was just what I needed to have some fun, shoot freely and burn a roll of film. Since the sun was so bright it was easy to keep it at 500 speed and use an F-Stop of 11 to 16. The first few frames are to and from Saska Kępa, Warsaw just before leaving for the seaside and once the film was used I replaced it with a Kodak Gold 200, which will be the next series.


Nikon FM2,
T-Max 100