Personal Cinema; Sunday Morning


I can remember this day quite clearly. March 9th, 2014, Sunday around 9am. And cold. In fact, I was looking out the window debating for an hour whether to go out or not, sipping my hot coffee and not wanting to really put the layers on that would be required to stay warm. Back and forth, looking at the cold outside and knowing that it was going to be a fight to stay warm.

Eventually, the light called to me as the sun broke through the clouds casting its cold glow across the rooftops, grooming with a thread of excitment. There was just a bit of hazy mist to the air and checking the weather to confirm out what I already knew, the temperature was crisp, cold and still very much winter. Yeah, I was going to need some layers.

Grabbing my trusty Nikon D80, I layered up and set out to take a walk around the neighborhood to see what the light had to offer. Once outside, the warmth of the house quickly disapppeared to leave me second guessing whether I was making the right choice or not while seeing that there was absolutley nothing moving on the street only added to my doubts. Still, I am stubborn person at times and having already dressed, I pushed on to see what there was to see.

I will add that I love this type of winter light and how it filters through the streets, casting a cold glow and sitting low in the sky. Especially in my old neighborhood of Jezyce where often this light verged on magic. I had never really seen this type of light before in my life and certainly not in this context, so it compelled me to chase it hwne it happened. And I absolutly adore Szamarzewskiego Street along where this image was taken. I love the height of the buildings and how that light I mentioned would filter in through the trees, barren in winter and wonderfullly green in Summer. In the years I lived there, I must have taken thousands of images along this street, but this one is pure magic for me.

I could hear the church bells ringing in the distance and as I headed to Szamarzewskiego Street from my doorway on Wawrzyniaka I could see these two ladies crossing the street ahead,arm in arm,intriguing me and since they were going the same way, fell in behind. When I turned the corner just past Yeżyce Kuchnia I was instantly stunned by the beautiful light that was coming through the mist and trees, softly pouring down on the street. Absolutely stunning. And ahead I could see the two ladies, still arm in arm, carefully navigating the sidewalk making a captivating scene that tugged at my love of nostalgia and distant memories. And I took the picture. This one.

The ladies carried on and seconds later the sidewalk was filling with people going to and from service most likely where these two ladies were headed as well since they seemed to be dressed in their Sunday best.

Not really knowing where I was going from this point, I cruised around the neighborhood for a quick see, but the cold was starting to get to me a bit and since it being Sunday, retreating back to the house for more coffee semed like the wisest move. In 30 minutes from start to finish, I was back inside, stripped off the layers and once agian looking outside at the cold. This time, knowing for certain that it was indeed damn cold out.

This image solidified the belief that I have adopted over the years which is: “if you don’t go, you don’t know”. Something that I still tell myself, especially in the heart of winter when it is always easer looking out the window and debating the cold. At times I hate this mantra becasue it really does work and rides my guilt nerve like a shot in the arm.

I hope that you enjoy the read and my little “personal cinema” bringing further life wiht a little behind the image.

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