‘HOME & AWAY’ Submission to the OpenWalls Exhibit

Today, at the last-minute I decided to submit work to the OpenWalls exhibit brought together with 1854 Media & British Journal of Photography who is inviting emerging and established photographers worldwide to participate.  My submission is a little bit of a departure from my work that youmay see shared, but these images are dear to me in very special ways.

Here are the eimages and corresponding words. Each image was given space for 250 characters You can also visit the actual submission entry here.

I hope you enjoy them and I hope the judges do as well!

your future is here color

Future signs. Moving to Poland has become the adventure I never expected but have always wanted. Here, my life has become filled with more than I ever thought it could be filled with and I have learned more of myself than I knew possible.

spring bikes carpet rack apartment entrance jezyce

The Courtyard. My place of sanctuary, my home and as I learned to navigate my new life abroad this tree and courtyard became my place of solace and comfort. As the tree changed through the year, so did I.

older lady eating breakfast

Breakfast. Morning is the time I cherish the most and have learned to genuinely value. Appreciating the quiet and a hot cup of coffee, reflecting on the day ahead. I see myself in others doing the same and wonder what they think as the do so.

351 365 Helping Hand

Helping Hands. Easily missed, moments like this resonate with me deeply as I have learned to rely on help from others to navigate my new world in Poland often reminding me of what it means to be humble and open.


Market. One of my favorite places to catch and feel life, to feel alive as I move among the regulars, observing and shopping. The contact leaves me energized and feeling part of the community even though I am not quite.

girl on the train

Commute. I love to ride the trams and trains around the city and see a cinematic world pass by. Daydreaming, staring from the window and watching as others do the same, lost in their own reverie and feeling connected by it as the city rolls by.

two ladies walking into sunny sidewalk jezyce church sunday morning winter

Sunday. Nostalgic moments that bring to mind memories that I have never had and unexpectedly remind me of my own emotions, keeping me connected to them often surprises and comforts in the foreignness of this new life.


The Observer. I often see the protagonist in my images as that of myself, either man or woman being representative. Observing my new world from every possible vantage point full of a newfound wonder and optimism never before experienced.

greetings agnieszka and dad

Welcome Home. My fiancées family has become my own and being able to observe the interactions of love between them often pacifies my own needs and eases some of my longings for mine back home.

318 365 Watchers

Until Next Time. Visits with my second family are short, filled with love, food, and conversations I don’t always understand, but leave me wanting much more. They watch from the window until they can no longer see us, waiting for the next visit.

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