Dilemma in Lisbon

Currently I am in Portugal enjoying a whirlwind vacation of all kinds of beautiful laces and activities. But this is not a post about that …yet. Soon, I will give you all kinds of fun thoughts and images from this beautiful country and I still have a week to explore.

Earlier this week, I had the misfortune of receiving an Err 20 on my Canon EOS 6DII which is the camera that I use on all of my day to day adventures, sessions, work…everything. The moment the error reported my heart skipped a beat and then sunk into an increbilbe low knowing that the camera was going to have to go to the shop and will require reparir making it useless for the remainder of the trip. Doomed. I searched google for possible work arounds and tried them all. No luck and to no avail. Again my heart sank and I contacted my partners at Digital24.pl to inform them of the problem. The camera will have to be fixed when I get back next week and once back in Poland, we can send it off to be repaired as the error is not uncommon and is probably a stuck shutter release.

Luckily, the amazing folks at Canon had sent me a brand new Canon 4000D as a gift for the interview that I had given them earlier in July (you can read it here) and luckily again, I brought it along to test, try and to have so Agnieszka could also enjoy some sooting that was not the mobile. Lifesaver. I am including a few images from the camera below. The camera itself is more lightweight and smaller than the 6DII and not quite as powerful at all, but I am pleased with the images and it is fun to use! I am not used to using a zoom lens, but the images are great, a little contrasty…but I like that. And the images are vibrantly colorful with classic Canon color..and I am really enjoying the new width the 18-55mm gives me (cropped).

In other news, we also brought the analog Nikon FM2 with us to burn some film with and as a gift ot me for my birthday (yesterday I tuned 50…yeah…me too) Agnieszka gifted me a lovely analog workshop with Stefan, who is a great local photographer that also included developing the roll of film. Really fantastic experience and it really helped kickstart back into film. Very excited to get on with this and out with the FM2!

While removing the film that we shot for the experience, the advance lever was a little loose from age and actually snapped off opening the back of the camera. My heart sank again as I realized this camera too will need to be sent to the shop for repair….UGH…double UGH! But, keeping a stiff upper lip and not getting too worked up about it, we developed the film and I will be printing them off when we get back to Warsaw…and the of course sharing the images from that time. And then once repaired, stalking the streets to burn some film again.

We still have 5 days here and 1 DSLR, and 3 mobile cameras to use. Lets hope that the last two were just a fluke.

Checking in from the beautiful coast of Portugal. More soon!