In Review; July

July 2018. Warsaw

July came and went so fast I feel like I didnt really get to enjoy it that much. But, when I look back at all of the images I shot…I would have to say that I really did enjoy it and in fact, I can easily say that I enjoyed the hell out of it and a little sorry to see it has passed.

Summer in the city is always interesting with plenty to discover while wandering around and of all the months through the year, I would have to say that July is the month of “Wandering”. The weather is warm, there is no rush and the sun makes it pleasant and easy to keep walking for much longer distances that I might otherwise. I have my book, my camera and lunch is a bag of cherries and on weekends, I enjoy the company of Agnieszaka as we make our way to a distant point. I love the exploration and everyday discoveries that make up these times and the photo sessions that fill parts of them as well. I even visted the grave of Czesław Niemen, among other notables on one of these days. Perfect.

Some of you will cringe as I say this next bit. The summer has been so good and feels so long, that I am just about ready for the change of fall to take place. Not quite yet, I know, but soon. Late summer to early fall is my absolute favorite time of the year…it may be because my birthday happens around that time, but really it mostly has to do with the fantastic light and colorful change that occur. I am wandering in the wrong way.

Back to July! Here are a bunch of random images of wandering through the summer in Warsaw.  I hope you enjoy them. Take a look.



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