A little faded and not so perfect anymore.

It has taken me a very long time for me to get to a comfortable spot where I can spend time shooting virtually “nothing” and find countless avenues of inspiration waiting to be deciphered. Since moving here to Warsaw, I have allowed a small space to be ok with not having an agenda every time I shoot and sometimes I feel like my images themeselves are taking me on this dreamy journey filled with nonsensical wonder that both draw a smile and make me tremble.

I enjoy moments that make me look twice or something passes that sits right on the edge of remembering but never quite makes it fully to a spot of recognition. I love fleeting occasions that remind me of my life and the places I have explored filled with people who have left an impression that lingers for awhile and juts like my memeories now, they are a little faded and not so perfect anymore. I love images that don’t tell an entire story and have that secretive feeling of being just for you, leading on a journey of discovery immersed in introspection. I often feel that many of my images are smaller peices to a much larger work, somwhat like a storyboard for the cinema in my mind.

As I grow more and more accustomed to the streets and urban feel of Warsaw, I am relying more on my intuition and “gut instinct” to help me lead my photographic way even though I struggle with listening to it through all my own noise at times. But then again, this has always been the case and I have a little more room to be alone with those thoughts here and explore visions like these below. For the first time in my adult life, I am giving myself room to explore and nurture the more artistic side of my youth that I tucked far away for any years…..more on that at another time. For now here are some images….


I love to see shifts in my work and development in style and how changes in my life begin to be revealed in the images I find. The images above represent some of the recent finds that are not so perfect, a little faded, but call to mind a fleeting moment worth another inspection.

Thanks for watching and I hope you have enoyed my ramblin thoughts.  🙂