In Review; June

June 2018. Warsaw.

This has been one of the warmest Spring/Summer seasons that I can remember and although we are only a few weeks into summer, it feels like summer started 2 months ago. This really reminds me of when I lived in Southern California years ago…just missing that surf!

I thought that having a “month in review” would be a good way to look back and see some of the images I have captured and share with you. Depending on where you might see my work and which platform or platforms you use, many of these will be brand new to you. But dont worry…I shoot so much that often they are brand new to me as well. (insert smiley). I also get messages quite often asking me where I am and how come I am not posting anymore…so…

I post regualry of Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and 500px (links to the right)…Facebook not as regularly anymore as it has changed to a pay to boost and basically each post is rarely seen by anyone and the effort seems fruitless, unless its video which will get action. I also post to my website, but there I tend to want to leave it somewhat static and remain as is, and then a few other places I post to, but nothing regularly. And so then here we are…month in review. And I actually relaly like the way that having a “blog” is allowing me to become my voice again and to connect. Something I feel I lost for some time and I am looking forward to getting it back. Fogive me as I experiment on you with a series of blog posts.

Like this one. I am always open to suggestions and love to hear your thoughts…so let’s hear them!

I really hope you enjoy them and my endless wandering….stay tuned for much more! And for a more complete and current view, please visit me on Flickr of Instagram.


Currently, I am a proud slinger of Canon Gear and that Gear is supplied by my amazing partners at Digital24. Stop by and tell them Erik sent you! You can also read a little about the Canon EOS 6D II that Digital24 has so generously provided (rocking a “L” series 50mm 1.2…..and I am floored by how good it is).