The Story Behind the Image. WSP 5 Book inclusion.

8 365 Stampeed 8 365 stampeed-of-feet-tram-mono-small

Pretty stoked to have recieved my copy of the WSP5 book with my image included in it. This is one of my favorite images I managed to take over the last year and was a completely incidental moment while racign to cacth the tram. I was super pleased that it was selected earlier this year and blown away when the annoucnment of inclusion happened!

The story behind the image.

My partners at Digital 24 had given me a FujiFilm X100F to try out (I wrote about this a bit on Medium) and then review. I had some interesting times with this little gem of a camera and the size had me struggling a bit as I was more used to the feel of a DSLR….but anyway, thats the gist of the camera and all you need to know there.

I was heading for a meeting into the center of Poznan on this afternoon and I had allowed enough time to walk there, but i saw the #17 creeping along Dąbrowskiego in Jezyce, heading towards the city and in a moment of split second thinking I decided to take the tram, which also means I would need to run for it. Now…if you know me, I think the sport of Tram Chasing is absolutely ridiculous and something I avoid and so it is a complete absurd that on this day I decided to break my rule. And I did.

As the tram was creeping along, stuck in traffic, it bought me a few seconds to gain on it and as I ran up I noticed all of the people completely absorbed in “tram watching” the creeping 17….and then I also noticed the puddle and being the oportunist that I am, this was impossible to pass up. Everything kind of stopped as the tram pulled up, I pulled up and in the same instant and dropped down and without thinking about it, leveled my camera and shot….just as the people started to exit and enter the tram. I took two images and one worked for me. Win.

I also made the tram….second win. I was the last one on and had no idea I even managed to get the image until much later that night. I had been practicing with the Fuji for a little while prior, but had no real success with it until this moment and was just getting to knw the camera at this point. Lucky I decided to run that day..huh?

Anyway…thanks for reading. You can get a copy of the book at the link above. Its worth it.