20 Questions

Lately, I have been unsatisfied with some of the platforms and how they work and how they work for me, what the draw might be and the voice that they have, or they force me to have. Or the just ridiculous amount of energy and time one must put up with in order to make a post…too many tags, not enough, did I post today?, Is it the right time? Will my followers like this??? Trying to sort all of them and remain true to my own voice has been hard…no scratch that….impossible. Meanwhile, the feeling of disconnect grows. So, recently I decided that I would give my work another bit of life and start this blog, something that I have been meaning to do for a long time, but all of the little pretty things on the internet have kept me justifiably distracted. Perhaps you feel the same?

I have neglected to spend enough time allowing my voice to grow and share how I interpret life around me living in a completely foreign place other than through photography, which is great but sometimes there is more. This life that is certainly interesting to me and may be to you as well, which will be the point of the blog as it grows. BUT, to kick start it I thought it would be interesting for YOU to ask me questions and then I will answer them in further posts. You can ask me anything that you like as long as it remains in somewhat good taste. Perhaps you want to know about the camera gear I use, or why I started photography or where I am from or my favorite movie or food or music……go ahead. Ask.

Here are some pretty pictures I shot recently on the streets of Warsaw to keep your eyes busy.